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  1. Choose Your Transaction – (buyer, seller, condo)
  2. See the Actions Required – (state & federal law, code)
  3. Get What You Need – (forms, tips, penalties, etc.)
  4. Sleep Soundly zzzz.- (confidently, peacefully, proudly)

THE app that makes the real estate process…

Faster, Easier and More Transparent.

Quigler gives step by step guidance to agents, buyers, and sellers.

Q: How can agents earn consumers’ trust?

A: Give them what they want:






*Process Know-How



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It’s as simple as 1, 2, 3.

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Why would I use an agent that isn’t using Quigler?

Drue Hontz

Home Seller, Old Saybrook, CT

“When our agent told us we’d get the accountability and communication Quigler helps provide, we were sold. Now, we’re constantly “in the know” and it feels sooo good.”

Barry Ipp


Before Quigler, we knew and trusted our agent. Now? We love her.”

Juan Miguel Bassalik

Home Buyer, Connecticut

“I was blown away by Quigler. After 28 years in brokerage, this is the opportunity for constant learning, constant training, and being able to say to the consumer: ‘This is what I’ve done for you.’ You just can’t go wrong with this program. It’s amazing. And I want it.”

Colleen Coesens

President at Piedmont Regional Association of Realtors Inc., Rock Hill, South Carolina


All you need is a browser or phone.

Quigler is designed to make real estate transactions run smoothly.  Go from guessing what’s next, to knowing!

Be Informed

Know everything that is required, ahead of time.  Simple, step by step process keep you from guessing what’s next.

Be Fast

No missteps, and no missed steps.  Quigler helps deals move to completion more quickly, a win for everyone!

Be In Control

Quigler puts you in the driver’s seat. It gives you unprecedented control during one of life’s largest transactions.

It’s the little things that

Make a Big Difference.

Real Estate transactions grow more complex every year.  Quigler helps you avoid setbacks that result from overlooking any key details or steps.


Quigler sends auto-updates so agents and their clients are always in sync.


Quigler pulls back the curtain for buyers and sellers. No more mystery.


Quigler helps you avoid errors that can cost time and money.


Quigler transforms a messy process into a clear sequence of events.


Quigler makes a complex process as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Just follow the steps..

Up To Date

When laws change, Quigler changes too. So you’ll always be in the know.

"Why would I use an agent that isn't using Quigler?"

Drue Hontz Home Seller, Old Saybrook, CT

“I love this. This is an awesome product.”


Valerie Votto, Esq. Legal Counsel, New Haven Middlesex Board of REALTORS® Old Lyme, Connecticut

“Before Quigler, we knew and trusted our agent. Now? We love her.”

Juan Miguel Bassalik. Home Buyer, Connecticut

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