For Consumers FAQ

For Consumers faq
About Using Quigler
A tool for real estate agents to provide you with total transparency into your real estate transaction process, welcomes compliance with the requirements of federal/state law that apply to a real estate transaction, instant notifications every time an agent complies, and finally the accountability that you want and expect from your real estate agent.

Agents and consumers. It is FREE to consumers.

Quigler takes industry best practices for a real estate agent as determined by federal law and state licensing laws as well as the National Association of REALTORS™ Code of Ethics and organizes their requirements into easy-to-follow Steps and Actions for an agent to follow. For you, Quigler does the same following the federal laws and state laws which apply to you in the real estate transaction. There are 8-11 Steps in a typical transaction.  Under each Step are questions called Actions. Did the Agent do this or do that? Or, did you do this or do that?  Each has only two possible answers, Yes or No. When an Agent answers an Action’s question, you get an immediate notification within the Webapp on both your notification bell & within your transaction that the agent did what he/she is required to do. It tells you that your Agent has complied with industry best practices. Quigler does NOT ask you to answer these questions. Rather, if you are required to do something, Quigler asks the Agent to remind you. In many cases it is the Agent’s fiduciary duty to guide you toward compliance and, therefore, it advises an Agent when to do so, helping to keep both you and your Agent on track and compliant.
After creating a free account, you create a transaction, meaning you tell Quigler what kind of transaction you want to see. Example: Seller of Single Family or Buyer of a Condo.  Enter that information and instantly you will see the Steps in a typical transaction and the Actions your Agent is required to perform.  For the first time in history, you are totally empowered to know what your Agent is supposed to know and do and when they are supposed to do it.

Log into the application at on the internet and go into your account on the Consumer side. Click on “Find an Agent” on the Dashboard.  You’ll find agents who promise transparency, accountability and compliance with industry best practices combined with immediate communication. And you know you’ll get those benefits because now your agent has the Quigler tool to help deliver it. Just choose an agent and they will get back to you quickly.

That is possible because we are new and many agents don’t yet know about us. So when you click on “Find an Agent” and don’t find one in your town, just click on the bottom of the screen to “Invite an Agent” and you can invite a good agent that you may know to join Quigler.  Or you can give us information about them (name, email, etc.) and we will reach out to them for you.

 Yes. Coming in early spring. The Web Application will be optimized for the mobile phone. Please use your desktop now for

Both!  With Quigler new Agents have the classroom and years of field experience in the palm of their hand during the transaction, every step of the way.  That means a new agent can reach a professional level quickly.  After all, with Quigler a new agent knows what’s required of them, when it is required and why it is required, all in a simple, easy-to-use format that acts like a GPS for the whole transaction.

Meanwhile, experienced agents can combine their track record of experience and sales ability with an app that provides them a tool to give you what you want:  transparency, communication, accountability and compliance.

Finally, with Quigler all agents have a kind of automated personal assistant who takes care of baseline communications making sure you know what the agent is required to do, when it should be done and why it should be done.  

When an Agent completes one of the Actions in a Step (the Yes or No questions), Quigler immediately sends you a notification within the Web app on the Internet ( telling you that at such and such a time and date, your agent completed this task. There has never been more immediate communication between an agent and their client.
In addition, in your account’s Transaction Dashboard, you have a running record of everything your agent did, when they did it and what they have left to do. It is all ordered sequentially, the same way the transaction flows and allows you to follow along, Step by Step.
Finally, you see whether you are at dinner, just waking up or going to bed, you can instantly see the grade level at which your Agent is operating.  Now isn’t that cool?
Whenever your Agent completes an Action, a number will appear within your account in the Quigler application on the red notification bell. The number in the icon tells you that you have notifications to be picked up. Just click to see each notification.
On the web app there is a tab for all “Completed Actions.”  Go there and see everything the Agent has done. Also, you can go to the Agreed tab and see all the Actions you have Agreed to. Once a transaction is finished all the Actions will be agreed to by you and then the Agent can print out a finished report and send to you.
Quigler is FREE to consumers.  Agents operate under a free trial and can purchase a limited number of Early Adopter Founding Agent memberships for $149 a year.  When they are gone, Agent’s can subscribe for $24.99/month or $298 a year.
Understanding Steps and Actions

Yes and No. Yes, we have loaded the NAR Code and federal Actions for all 50 states.  New York State, New York City, Connecticut and Florida are the first states/cities to also have state content loaded. The state content for other states is in process, specifically for CA, TX, NJ, PA, and MA.

It’s always better to have the state’s laws loaded and being followed. However, we have found that in about 50% to 80% of the cases, the NAR Code of Ethics which is loaded for ALL 50 states, has an agent performing the same Action as state law requires. Thus, everyone is better off with Quigler today because while it may not yet be complete for your state, it is far, far more complete than any other transaction platform available for use today. And our aim is to load another state every month going forward.

Today rating and grading is a mega-trend.  It started a hundred years ago with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and was followed 50 years ago with Zagat restaurant reviews. But today it has grown immensely. There are hundreds of rating and grading sites that consumers rely on for grades. Today, most consumers are just really busy and need to rely on what others say and their experiences.  

LOL. No. The rating and grading space has problems. First, most reviews and ratings are “after-the-fact,” meaning that a grade or rating is not assigned until after the transaction is finished when no one can do anything about it. Second, reviews are highly subjective, often written by friends and family, undercutting their integrity.  Some sites even censor bad reviews, giving a wrong impression.  But rating and grading is here to stay because you insist on using it for hotels, trips, plane flights, restaurants, and yes, real estate agents. In fact, Zillow indicated at the end of 2016 that 53% of agents now provide ratings to consumers. So Quigler helps you get with this megatrend but in a revolutionary way.

Quigler is the first app (please write us if you know another) that provides (1) an objective grade, and (2) provides it in real time, i.e. during the transaction. The implications are truly revolutionary.  (1) Objective grading means the grading can be more trusted. Friends and family cannot manipulate it. Agents cannot pay someone to write a testimonial or review to get a good grade.  With Quigler everyone’s grade is based on the same Steps and Actions derived from the same industry best practices as determined by federal and state laws and the Code of Ethics.  (2) Real time grading means that every day you can wake up, look at Quigler and see how your agent is doing.  If your agent is getting anything less than a perfect “A” grade, your agent can immediately self-correct so that at night you and the agent can go to sleep knowing that your agent is operating at an “A” level. 

Currently, yes. Quigler 1.0 equally weights each Action and gives the appropriate points by taking 100 and dividing it by the # of Actions in that Step. That means if there are 10 Actions under a Step, each is worth 10 points toward a grade.

But as we get feedback from you and Agents about what is most helpful, we will reflect those comments in Quigler by weighting different Actions with different points because they carry a greater importance either to you, the Agent or both.

When the transaction is finished Quigler averages the grade for each Step and produces a Final Grade that appears in an agent’s Profile.

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