Service Commitment

We believe that if we take care of our customers, the bottom line will take care of itself. With that in mind, we pledge to give you an extraordinary service experience.

We’ve all been disappointed by tech companies who either don’t provide customer service, charge extra for it, leave customers to figure it out for themselves, or who just abandon customers to “hold” for long periods before anyone can talk “live.” We stand for changing that.

We feel good customer service is especially important in the real estate brokerage business because the transactions are so large and because the average age of sellers is 56 years old and the average agent’s age is the same. When this generation has a problem or a question, it wants to have readily available Tutorials and Contact links or be able to pick up a telephone and talk to someone.

We provide Tutorials and FAQ’s to help get everyone started. Click here for additional help or questions. During normal business hours you can call us from 9 am to 5 pm EST at 203-570-5477. If we’re not available, we’ll call you back, promptly. Going forward installing a customer help system better than anyone’s is our passionate goal.

If you are comfortable with mobile technology and mobile apps, it is unlikely that you’ll ever need to call us, but we hope it is reassuring to know you can.

And sometimes just write and let us know how you’re doing with Quigler. We love to hear from our customers and users.

David M. Michonski, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

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About Using Quigler

What is Quigler?

Really cool tool for real estate agents to gain consumers’ trust and generate more business using an iPhone app and the Quigler website.

Who uses it?

Agents, consumers and anyone who supports transparency, lightning fast communication and accountability in real estate transactions.

How does it work?

Quigler takes industry best practices as determined by all federal law and state licensing laws as well as the Code of Ethics and organizes those best practices into easy-to-follow Steps and Actions for consumers and agents to follow. There are 8-10 Steps in a typical transaction. Under each Step are questions called Actions. Each has only two possible answers, Yes or No. When you finish an Action, you simply click Yes or No and the consumer gets an immediate text or email notification that you did what you are required to do. It tells consumers that their agent has complied with industry best practices. WOW!

How do consumers use it?

Consumers create a free account. They search to find an Agent who promises transparency, accountability and compliance with industry best practices combined with immediate communication. They invite you to join them. Or, you can purchase a membership and invite consumers to join you using Quigler, differentiating yourself from the pack.

Will there be an Android Version?

Yes. Coming in about 4 months.

Will there be versions for other devices?

We will be evaluating how to support other devices down the line based on demand.

Is Quigler meant for new agents or experienced agents?

Both! New Agents now have the classroom and years of field experience in the palm of their hand during the transaction, every step of the way. That means a new agent can ramp up their business faster and reach a professional level quickly. After all, with Quigler a new agent knows everything required of them in a simple, easy-to-use format that acts like a GPS for the whole transaction. New agents can use Quigler to provide consumers benefits that lead to greater trust.

Meanwhile, experienced agents can combine their track record of experience with an app that positions them as a trusted agent who provides consumers what they want: transparency, communication, accountability and compliance combined with an agent’s experience and sales ability.

Finally, with Quigler you have a kind of automated personal assistant who takes care of baseline communications making sure the consumer always knows what you are doing. That alone could be a reason that many consumers will hire you.


How does Quigler’s communication work?

Once you use Test Drive to master the Steps and Actions and get “A” grades in the 90 day Free Trial, it’s time to upgrade to our Full Package so you can invite prospects to hire you and service them. With the Full Package consumers can follow you along in the transaction, simplifying the whole process for them. You’ll be able to overcome one of the biggest complaints consumers have by instantly communicating what you’ve done for them, when you do it. And Quigler creates a running record for both consumer and agent, dated and time-stamped. Cool.

Most importantly the Full Package gives you a full Profile. You appear under Find an Agent. Result? More buyer and seller leads to you.

How are notifications handled?

Whenever you complete an Action, a number will appear within the Quigler icon on the consumer’s iPhone or on the consumer’s private password protected pages on the web application. The number in the icon tells the consumer that they have notifications to be picked up. The consumer just clicks and can see each notification. Also, the consumer can choose when and how to receive notifications by simply going into Settings on their iPhone app and changing push notifications. They can also go into Settings here on the web app and choose how they want to get notifications.

How does the consumer get a “running record”?

On the web app there a tab for all “Completed Actions.” The consumer can always go there and see everything you have done.


How much does it cost?

Sign up now and you get a full Profile and appear in Find an Agent for 90 days for FREE. You get to use Test Drive to practice privately going through the Steps and Actions and answering them correctly. Once you complete your Profile and the Ethical Checklist, you get your first “A” grade which appears in your Profile.

Quigler offers Early Adopter Founding Agents a discount of $170 off their first 12 months of membership + a lock-in renewal for another 12 months at the same rate. Even better, while your card is charged now for $298, your 12 month membership does NOT start until we load your state’s content. Meanwhile, you and your full profile can be found for free on Quigler and you can utilize the whole program including complying with industry best practices as dictated by federal law and the Code of Ethics.

In short, become an Early Adopter and you get a discounted membership, Early Adopter Founding Agent status, a locked in rate for 24 months and free use until your state’s content is fully loaded. (Recall most of your state’s content is a mirror of the NAR Code so you, in effect, have a good surrogate for your state’s content.)

If Early Adopter Founding Agent slots are taken in your area, you can still sign up for $39/month or save two months by taking a yearly $390 membership and still have your 12 month membership period not start until we load your state’s content.

Again, you pay now, but your 12 month subscription does not start until we load your state’s content. Until then you enjoy Quigler for free.

Is there a free Basic Package?

Yes. If your firm, franchise, local Board or state Board signs a cooperativeagreement with Quigler, we provide all the members of the cooperating entity with the Basic Package for free. It allows every agent to use Quigler as a private mentor or guide. Quigler becomes your personal GPS for the real estate transaction. You have years of training in the palm of your hand and you can privately use it as a checklist of what to do at every Step of the transaction. Talk to your firm, franchise, local Board or state Board and urge them to sign a cooperative agreement with us. It costs nothing and you get the Basic Package for free.

Why would I want anything more?

You want not just the training and education aspects of Quigler, but also the business generating aspects. You want to appear in Find an Agent with your Profile so consumers can find you and you can generate more business. Also, Agents from out of your market area may want to find you and send referrals, knowing they are dealing with an Agent who values transparency and trust. You also want to use Quigler to communicate with consumers via the instant push or email notifications. You want them to know every Action you perform. And you want to accumulate grades to appear in your profile, enhancing your online reputation. Finally, you’ll want to be part of all the exciting upgrades Quigler has coming.

What is the best deal you’re offering right now?

Become an Early Adopter Founding Agent! We want to fill every city and town in the U.S. with agents who consumers can find and contact. But there are limited slots in your area. So sign up now to reserve one of those slots in your town and get everything Quigler offers.

If your state’s content is not loaded (New York and Connecticut are loaded) you enjoy a free membership period until they are loaded.

During your free period, your Profile will be found in Quigler’s Search, meaning buyers and sellers will be able to find you.

You can market yourself as offering prospects your compliance with all industry standards are determined by federal law and the Code of Ethics.

And you can provide them the full communication and notifications tools Quigler offers.

Plus, you will be able to invite consumers to join you in the app and earn ratings to enhance your all-important on-line reputation.

For most consumers, that will be reassuring enough and it’s an incredible differentiator for you.

But there’s more. You can also advertise yourself as someone who uses Quigler and is a Founding Agent of this revolutionary app, demonstrating that you have a value proposition that gives consumers the transparency, accountability, communication and compliance they want. WOW.

Understanding Steps and Actions

Will Quigler 1.0 have ALL the Steps and Actions?

Yes and No. New York State and Connecticut are the first two states to have state content. They have all the New York State and Connecticut law and New York City regulations. The content for other states is in process. For now, all U.S. states have the national Steps and Actions based upon federal law and the Code of Ethics. In process are NJ, PA, RI, MA, FL, TX and CA.

What if I get an answer wrong?

No worries. Quigler is not trying to trap you or test you. Rather it tries to guide you toward doing the right thing. So if you answer incorrectly, a big sign comes up saying “Are you sure?” That is a clear tip off that you are doing something wrong. So simply choose the other answer (there are only two, yes or no).

Do I have to follow along the Steps and Actions sequentially or can I skip forward and back?

Definitely you can move forward and back and you should. We provide the Actions in a logical sequence which you and consumers can easily follow, but as you get to know the Actions you may want to perform some Actions earlier and some later. Example: Quigler has the following Action for Agents representing Sellers in Step 8, “Offers.” “Did you inform your Seller that offers are not necessarily confidential unless mandated by state law or regulation or by a confidentiality agreement between the parties?” But you don’t have to wait until you get to the Offer step to inform your Seller of this. You can talk about it at the time of the Listing Appointment, or the Listing Agreement, or whenever you wish. After you have the discussion, click “Yes” and you’ll get points toward your Step grade.


What about grading and rating?

Today, you must be very conscious of your on-line reputation and take steps to enhance it. Quigler helps you develop that stellar on-line reputation. It lets you “Take a Test Drive” and practice going through the Steps and Actions privately. No one sees what you have done except you. After you complete each Step you get a grade for that Step. After 2 or more Steps are completed, the Step Grades are averaged into an Ongoing Grade. Again, while in private Test Drive mode, ONLY YOU see the grades. After a few times you’ll come to know exactly what you are supposed to do for each Action at each Step. You’ll earn “A” grades. That’s when you want to go public by inviting consumers to join you in the app. You then want to publish your grades in your profile and thereby enhance your on-line reputation.

So is it a test?

No! It’s a guide, keeping you on track. We tend to think grades go with tests, but that is not always true. In Quigler’s case your grade is demonstrating that you are a professional who is using a guide to make sure you do what you are supposed to do. Imagine how attractive that is to consumers? Quigler is your best friend always guiding you toward doing the right thing. Pretty nice, eh?

Why does Quigler bother with grades?

Today rating and grading is a mega-trend. It started a hundred years ago with the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval and was followed 50 years ago with Zagat restaurant reviews. But today it has grown immensely. There are hundreds of ratings and grading sites that consumers rely on for grades. The consumer today is just too busy and wants to rely on what others say and their experiences.

Are rating and grading sites fair and accurate?

No. Despite the fact that consumers rely on these sites and want ratings and grades, the rating and grading space has problems. First, most reviews and ratings are “after-the-fact,” meaning that a grade or rating is not assigned until after the transaction is finished when no one can do anything about it. Second, reviews are highly subjective, often written by friends and family, undercutting their integrity. Some sites even censor bad reviews, giving a wrong impression. But rating and grading is here to stay because the consumer insists on using it for hotels, trips, plane flights, restaurants, and yes, real estate agents. In fact, Zillow indicated at the end of 2016 that 53% of agents now provide ratings to consumers. So Quigler helps you get with this megatrend, but in a revolutionary way.

How is Quigler’s grading revolutionary?

Quigler is the first app (please write us if you know another) that provides (1) an objective grade, and (2) provides it in real time, i.e. during the transaction. The implications are truly revolutionary. (1) Objective grading means the grading can be trusted. Friends and family cannot manipulate it. Agents cannot pay someone to write a testimonial or review to get a good grade. With Quigler everyone’s grade is based on the same Steps and Actions derived from the same industry best practices as determined by federal and state laws and the Code of Ethics. (2) Real time grading means that every day you can wake up, look at Quigler and see how you’re doing. If you are getting anything less than a perfect A, you can immediately self-correct so that at night you can go to sleep knowing you are operating at an A level. Again, remember, Quigler is NOT a test. Rather, it is a tool to help guide you always to be your best. It’s a tool that effectively raises the bar on the whole industry.

When do consumers see my A grades for past transactions?

Whenever you want. You can keep your grade private seen only by you for as long as you want. When you choose to have your grades published on your profile, you publish them, but you control the timing.

Does Quigler give equal points to each Action?

Currently, yes. Quigler 1.0 equally weights each Action and gives the appropriate points by taking 100 and dividing it by the # of Actions in that Step. That means if there are 10 Actions under a Step, each is worth 10 points toward your grade. But as we get feedback from consumers and agents about what is most helpful to them, we will reflect those comments in Quigler by weighting Actions unequally. Different Actions will have different points allocated to them because they carry a greater importance either to consumers, agents or both. So enjoy Quigler right now because there are many Actions that give you points pretty easily just for answering the question, making it easier to rack up good points and establish a stellar online reputation.

How is my Ongoing Grade calculated?

After you complete two Steps in any transaction, Quigler will average your point score on the first completed Step with the point score on your second completed Step to produce an Ongoing Grade. It then does the same with each subsequent Step and averages all the Step Grades into an Ongoing Grade. If you have chosen to allow the consumer to see your Step grades during the transaction, they will appear in the consumer’s account.

How is my Final Grade calculated?

When the transaction is finished Quigler averages the grade for all Steps and produces a Final Grade that appears in your Profile to attract other consumers to use you.

Generate More Business

How do I use Quigler to generate business?

Consumers see your Profile under Find an Agent. Such consumers are looking for an agent who values and exemplifies trust, who provides transaction transparency and welcome compliance. They are searching for someone who simplifies the opaque and increasingly complex transaction into easy-to-follow Steps. Finally, they want someone who communicates what is supposed to be done when it is done and why it’s important. Quigler does all that for you.

Does it differentiate me?

You bet! Offering Quigler to prospects and clients is to offer them the transparency, accountability and speedy communication they want. It tells them you are an agent who seeks to be compliant with industry best practices and who they can trust.

What if I don’t have any buyers or sellers or need more?

Quigler can help. Fill in your profile. Complete the Ethical checklist and get your profile into Find an Agent so consumers seeking an agent can find you. Hey, you might get the business you don’t have now. Meanwhile, get comfortable with the app by using the Test Drive function under Settings to get through a Seller and Buyer transaction. You’ll become a pro in no time.

Can I use it if my state laws are not loaded yet?

YES, many state laws are inspired by the NAR Code of Ethics and by following it you’ll cover much of what your state requires you to do. Further, you’ll be providing your client incredible transparency into the transaction process as well as the assurance that you are complying with federal law and the Code of Ethics. That is a lot of assurance for a consumer. When your state laws are loaded, you’ll have them, too. But most consumers will be thrilled just to know an agent is complying with federal law and the Code of Ethics.

Join the Family

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Where do I sign up for my FREE 90 Day Trial?
Where do I purchase an Early Adopter Founding Agent membership that includes a Free 90 Day Trial AND free use of Quigler until my state’s content is loaded?

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