Why your business needs QUIGLER now

  • – Because you need a personal tool to earn the trust that makes your business soar, for life.
  • – 97% of Buyers and Sellers want an agent they can trust. 
  • – Yet, 67%. when asked if they trusted real estate agents, said “No.” 
  • – Even worse for those under 44 years old, 72% don’t trust us (these are crucial first time home buyers who account for 40% of the market!) 

Here’s how Quigler helps your business…


Quigler automates giving consumers the transparency, communication and honesty they want. 

In return, they give you business, for life.

NAR’s annual Profile of Home Buyers and Sellers make it clear. 

93% of consumers want responsive communication from their agent

92% want knowledge of the transaction process

Quigler automates BOTH for you. Saving you time and giving consumers what they want.

What do you have to do?

Nothing more than what you’re already doing.

Quigler is a checklist that reminds you what you’re required to do at each Step of a transaction.

Just check, and Quigler sends your client a time-stamped and dated notification, creating a running record.

Consumers know that you know the processdid what’s required and notified them. 

You sleep better at night knowing you haven’t missed anything required 

You feel good knowing your clients have a whole additional layer of the communication they want

With Quigler consumers appreciate more of all you do “under the surface.

Get More Business with Quigler

We are very proud of our ties to the National Association of REALTORS®. NAR is our partner through its wholly owned venture fund, Second Century Ventures, which, in turn, wholly owns an “accelerator” called NAR REach. We are one of only 8 companies (out of over 1000 applicants) chosen to be in the 2018 class and we work closely with NAR through REach. In addition, NAR has licensed its Code of Ethics for our use in Quigler and we provide a Code Only version of Quigler as a free member benefit to all 1.3M REALTORS®. Go to www.quigler.com/NARCODE. Finally, Quigler provides a 3 hour Continuing Education course called “Be Guided by the Code: a Step by Step Guide to what the Code requires at every Step of your transactions,” a highly interactive and fun way to learn the Code and take it home on a cell phone so you can always know what to do at every Step and have it in the palm of your hand whether at home, in the office or in the field. The CE course is available through your local board or association.

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