Why you need QUIGLER now

Quigler is a revolutionary application that makes it easy to comply with all federal law (state law coming) and the Code of Ethics. It gives your clients unprecedented transparency and accountability while always keeping them “in-the-know” with instantaneous text or email communication of everything you are required to do, when you do it.

Differentiate yourself as a trusted agent that clients love.

Simplified process

While the buying and selling process gets more complex every year, Quigler simplifies it. It’s like your personal GPS easily guiding you and your clients, turn by turn, through the maze. It takes everything required by federal law (state laws coming soon) and the Code of Ethics, from A-Z, and organizes it into easy-to-follow “to Do’s.” It makes real estate real easy for you and your clients.


With Quigler you become the client’s hero. It allows you to throw open the window and pull back the curtain. The transaction process is above board and clear. The openness you provide strengthens the bond between you and the consumer and cements it with trust.

Peace of mind

By doing everything legally and ethically required, you and your clients enjoy peace of mind. You’re unafraid of transparency and feel better about your professionalism while consumers feel better about you.


With Quigler you solve one of the consumers’ biggest pain points: “I don’t know what my agent is doing to earn their fee.” Like that personal assistant you’ve always dreamed of, Quigler handles your communication for you with text or email messages every time you complete an action, all time-stamped and dated, creating a running record for consumers of everything you do, the instant you do it. Because clients know what you’ve done, they see more clearly the value you provide, understand it better and appreciate it more.


Quigler distinguishes you. You become a trusted agent because you throw open the window on the opaque process that helps earn their trust. With Quigler you tell clients in advance exactly what you’re required to do according to fedeal law (state law coming) and the Code of Ethics and when you do it. You guide consumers effortlessly through the process and welcome their participation. You provide unprecedented real-time accountability and instantaneous communication that projects integrity and earns respect. Your brand soars as you become the agent a consumer loves because you provide the trust that cements their bond to you.

Two Ways to Start Winning with Quigler


Be A Founding Agent

Many agents want to know whether Quigler is endorsed by the National Association of REALTORS®. The answer is a resounding YES. Not only are we endorsed by them, but NAR is our partner through its wholly owned venture fund, Second Century Ventures which wholly owns an accelerator called NAR REach. We are proud to be part of the the 2018 class of 8 companies and we work closely with NAR and SCV through REach.

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